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Classic Manicure $20

Includes nails cut, shaped, cuticle pushed back and trimmed. Massage with lotion and Polished.

Signature Manicure $25

Extra moisturizing paraffin treatment for dry, cracked, ache hands. Pamper your hands and cuticles with exfoliating lavender sea salt.

Gel Manicure $35

Longer lasting polish up to 2 weeks, no smudges afterward, no waiting to dry. Include the classic manicure service

Dazzle Dry Manicure $35


Classic Pedicure $30

Takes care of your cuticles by soaking in soapy water, cuticle pushed back and trimmed. Nails trimmed, shaped, buffed. Callus treatment, exfoliate, hot towel, and polish.

Signature Pedicure $40

Soak your feet in lavender mineral salt and Relaxing Lavender sea salt scrub exfoliating massage, soothing lavender lotion on top of the services classic pedicure offers to release aching heels.

Tropical Citrus Pedicure $50

Enjoy the Bubbling & fizzing Volcano effects of this pedicure. Made with ORGANIC based ingredients.

Combining the classic pedicure services and citrus-infused products, fresh orange slices to detoxify. Indulge in collagen cream mask & lotion and paraffin treatment to restore moisture.

Nu-Skin EPOCH Pedicure $55

Using clinically proven effective Products to relax, soothe tired, sore feet. Stimulates fatigued legs. Designed to restores the healthy looking heels, toes, and soles for the severely dry or cracked skin on the feet. Includes classic pedicure services and specially formulated creams to exfoliating and 10 minutes massage to relieve stress.

Ultimate Hot Stone Massage Pedicure $70

The luxurious, extra pampering experience. A combination of the Nu-skin Pedicure to renew your feet and sensational hot stone massage. Relaxing warm shoulder wrap made up of multiple herbs.



Full Set

Acrylic $45
Gel Powder with Gel Polish $55
Pink & White Solar $60
Pink Solar Only $50
Ombré Solar $70 +
Liquid Gel w/ Gel Polish $65
Liquid Gel Pink & White $70 +


Acrylic $35
Gel Powder with Gel Polish $45
Pink & White Solar $55
Pink Solar Only $50
Ombré Solar $60 +
Liquid Gel w/ Gel Polish $55
Liquid Gel Pink & White $60 +


Color On Short Natural Nails $45
Color with Extensions $50
Pink & White $55
Ombré $60 +
Pink and White $55 +

Add 5 - 10 for special long nails and shapes.


Gel Polish Change Hands $22
Gel Polish Add To Any Service $15
Polish Change Hands $12
Polish Change Toes $14
Nexgen Remove with No Service $12
Gel Remove with No Service $7
Acrylic Remove with $5

Continuing Service

Acrylic Remove with No Service $17
Paraffin Treatment $12
Nail Art/ Nail Repairs/ $5 +

French/ Shiny Buff

Acrylic Remove with Continuing Service $5
Toes Gel Polish Change $30
Special shapes $5 Add
Medium to Long length $5 & Up Add
Replace, Repairs of broken nails $5 Add/ea
Cut down $5 Add
Chrome $15
French $10
Designs $5 & Up Add
Pink and white Fills $65
Pink and White Fullsets $70


Eyebrows $10
Lip $7
Chin $8
Sideburns $10 +
Full Face $40 +
Half Arms $25
Full Arms $40 +
Under Arms $25 +
Half Legs $40
Full Legs $50 +
Back $40 +
Bikini Wax $35
Brazilian $55 +
Tint Brow $20 +
Tint Brow & Wax $30 +


10 min $15
20 min $30